Bryan + Mysha are Engaged!

March 22, 2020

The Engagement Story

In June of 2017, Bryan was a recent transplant to Texas and found himself admiring a beautiful Texas native named Mysha. Just a week prior, they were two strangers living in different states, but fate had brought them together. After a message on, Mysha and Bryan started getting to know each other and quickly realized how much they had in common. They went on their first date and it quickly affirmed to Bryan that everything really IS better in Texas!

As Mysha and Bryan spent time together over the following months, their bond continued to get stronger. They decided to tough out Hurricane Harvey together and found it hard to spend time apart after that week. They had become inseparable and started doing everything together. Such as exploring new restaurants, going to sporting events, and even taking road trips.

In July 2018, they took their first vacation together. They flew to Orlando before they went on their first cruise. While in Orlando they spent the day at Universal Studios. Unfortunately, weather was not on their side and they quickly learned that there was nowhere to avoid the rain. Except in the caricature drawing tent! It was the perfect solution to a rainy situation. They kept the drawing as a memento of their first vacation and sailed off to the Bahamas.

Over the next year they continued to build new memories and enjoy each other’s company. Bryan was finishing graduate school and in April 2019 they flew to Malibu to attend his graduation. In the weeks leading up to the trip, Bryan suggested that they get another caricature drawing while in California to continue their new tradition. After the graduation ceremony they drove to the Santa Monica Pier to get their newest drawing. What Mysha didn’t know was that Bryan had hired a caricature artist to draw their picture in advance. What she thought would be a drawing of them on the pier, was actually a picture of Bryan on one knee proposing to her. After much shock and many tears, she happily said yes!

The Engagement Session

We had a such a great time during the Engagement session. Mysha had recently discovered The Houston Arboretum and really wanted to go check it out and hike around. Of course, I was totally down for that! Lots of laughs were had, especially when Mysha’s shoe went flying off during a silly photo attempt. These two are the absolute cutest together and I for one cannot wait for the wedding!


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